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The Life Size Motion Figures can be used to promote and market your business in a dramatic and attention-getting way. These figures can be adapted and customized to represent other figures in categories such as golf, hockey, music, tennis, recreation, etc.  The two newest of these LSM Figures are The Racing Skier and The Dancer.

The Racing Skier is an actual Life Size Figure to be placed in a ski resort, retail outlet, show booth, or display space. Size is 50" wide x 36" height x 63" length. The head is silicone rubber, and the skeleton is plastic pipe with Foam limbs and torso. All equipment is real, including skis and poles. Total Weight is 44 pounds. This sculpture can be mounted to the wall, hung from the ceiling, or placed to sit on a table or the floor.

The Dancer is designed to be displayed in a dance studio, performing arts centre, entertainment venue, speciality retail, or restaurant. The size is 48" wide x 72" high x 14"deep. The head and hands are made of Dragon Skin silicone rubber, the tie is painted 20 GA sheet metal and the skeleton is plastic pipe with foam limbs. Total weight is 42 pounds with the base. This sculpture is attached to the base with a welded steel support structure through the leg.

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